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Приглашаем на English Practice Lab и курсы Джин Коллантай

English Practice Lab

Продолжает работу лаборатория практики английского языка в Научной Библиотеке.  Записаться на встречи с сотрудником философского факультета Бернардом Ричертом могут магистранты, аспиранты, профессорско-преподавательский состав и все желающие сотрудники ТГУ. Запись на встречи: goo.gl/KY0TJ6


Продолжается запись на курсы Академического английского и Академического письма Джин Коллантай. Подробности:

Academic English

will be offered again this semester,

Fall 2016


Instructor: Jean Kollantai, MSW

Time: 16.35-19.10

Dates: October 27, November 3, 10, 24, December 1, 8, 15  (Thursdays)

4th Building, floor 5, room 520

This course will be about reading – writing – understanding – and speaking English for academic purposes.  Some of the topics covered will be letters and email – CVs – making a presentation at a conference – writing an abstract – following your topic in a journal – and talking with international colleagues, along with publishing articles.

Course members should already have an intermediate level of English.  All lectures, discussions, and materials will be in English (without translation).  There will be some weekly work at home, at least one consultation with the instructor, and a final presentation. Attendance at every session is required.

The course is open to faculty and laboratory members and graduate students. Seats are limited to 20. (If necessary, priority for enrollment will be given to new course members and to those working in laboratories, centres, and joint Russian-international educational programs or preparing lecture/seminar courses in English.)

Those who meet the course participation standards will be eligible for a certificate of completion from ИДО.

To register you must:

  1. Send an email with your surname, name, position and phone number to jeankollantai@yahoo.com (use subject line: AE).
  2. Come for a short meeting about your research interests and interests in the course by Thursday, October 20 (room 305, 4th Building).

Contact for questions: 8-913-809-6304, kirilenko_juilia@list.ru (Julia Kirilenko)